Calyz is a home furnishings company based in India. We design comfortable environments with natural materials. Calyz textiles are handcrafted with traditional crafts and contemporary styling. They lend themselves to every kind of interior space. We strive to build an ambience of comfort of every kind: tactile and visual, emotional and physiological.

Our home textiles are hand crafted by rural women networked through Self help groups. We have a resource of 5000 self groups and the numbers multiply with every scaled up project. Promotion of these textiles improve many lives.
The primary line of work is window treatments: from curtains to banana fibre blinds. Window treatments that blend into peaceful ambiences and textiles that are functional. Shade and veil being the primary functions our curtains have colour, texture and pattern in the detail. We service residential and corporate clients with the variety.

The next line of furnishings is hand made bedding. Quilts have emerged as the main product in this range.The large resource for handwork lends the flexibility of scale for projects demanding complex patterns. These quilts are essentially made from soft processed cotton. They are light weight and again have a quiet appeal with depth in detail. We service exports in this range.

It is our Endeavour to build worlds within worlds with comfort and depth. From the luxury in the textile to improving lives it is a chain that inspires everyone in it…

Prof. Mohammad Yunus
The networking for export projects is possible due to the Self Help Groups. This is a concept introduced by Prof. Mohammad Yunus (Nobel Peace prize winner for 2006) in 1980 in BanglaDesh. http://www.grameen-info.org/

Small groups of women come together and pool in a fund which is a safety deposit with a Bank. Against this deposit these women are given small loans at low interest to launch small businesses. Through the business incomes women pay back the loan. This micro credit has become popular over the years and has empowered millions all over the world.

SHGs in Maharashtra and women
There are about 5000 SHGs around Pune and about 20000 all over Maharashtra.
Women in the Rural Segment are largely affected by domestic violence and ill-treatment. Lack of education is a hurdle to fetch a decent job. Given a chance these women are more than capable to pull their families out of poverty.

Women’s work
All women have sewn a textile. They grasp and learn all textile crafts with ease and are able to deliver time and quality norms. As Prof. Yunus says “It is the earnings that make them do this.”

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This product is handcrafted with 30% recycled materials. It is inspired from the spring birds and their environment where they are best seen. Birds signify freedom of body and spirit. It is a liberation that is intrinsic to a rich life .Our proprietary collage technique of embellishment is used to render the compositions in a contemporary way. It imparts a unique textural quality and makes color multi dimensional. The colors and forms are intricately treated. This work empowers women and changes lives and lifestyles.

The collaged fabric technique of surface embellishment is a proprietary technique used to handcraft the product. Small fabric pieces are hand cut and pasted before sewing down and fabricating. The raw materials are from a recycled source and about 70% of the production process is hand done. It is only in the last stage that machines are used to make the product. This process does not utilize dyes or any harmful chemicals. It is done by rural Indian craftswomen who are empowered by this work.
A minimum of 30% and a maximum of 80% materials of the product are derived from a recycled source. Local tailors, mills and in-house project left over materials are used as raw material for this product.

Fair Trade Policies
The work is calibrated for the average capacities of the women's group. This is further mapped to the standard daily wages and an hourly rate of the labor is arrived at. The women are then informed of this process and the possible work in the stipulated time and the rate per piece is discussed. Once the women are in agreement the work is assigned. The number of hours is kept flexible so that more women are encouraged to do this work. It is imperative that women fell safe, secure and inspired to establish their identity as a craftsperson. Calyz aims to expand its reach by the work to more and more villages.

Women Empowerment
Calyz has always employed rural women for its production. Women are extensively trained for handcrafts and assigned work according to their capacities. The current work is simplified and is able to employ more women.

Low Carbon Foot Print
About 70% of the production process is hand done. This reduces the use of power and also brings in the human aesthetic. The machines are used in the last stage of sewing and fabrication of the product. Calyz aims to make delightful products to change lives and lifestyles.